The first step is the hardest

May I confess something to you? I. Am. So. Scared.

So many writers and bloggers I follow and admire have written about how scary it is to hit the “publish” button for that first post.  About how scary it is to put themselves out there to the entire world in the bindings of a book.

You know what? It is all that and more. When we announced our move out here, I heard two comments over and over again:  “Oh, I wish I could do what you are doing!” and “Please start a blog!”  And I have been ruminating on these two statements for four years, y’all. Four years!

Finally, last March, I started the journey.  (Yes, nine months ago. I told you this is scary.) I brainstormed for the right blog name and bought a domain. I installed WordPress.  I told a few key friends and John what I planned to do. I began writing blog posts.  Every time I opened WordPress, I was immediately overwhelmed, and quite frankly, immobilized, by the scope of setting up my blog site.  Deer in the headlights, I was.  So in August I took a four hour class on how to start a blog using WordPress. I wrote more blog posts, now in WordPress rather than in the drafts of my gmail account. Small steps.

Here’s the thing: I am a right brained “creative” person, with entirely too much left brained “logical, perfectionist” interference. I want to post blogs, pictures and videos like a crazy person; I am a font overflowing with fun ideas.  But then my left brain jumps in and reminds me how important it is to present myself well when I launch this blog. How vital it is that the blog look smooth, polished, and professional.  And as I write this, I smile. There’s not much about my life in this season that I feel is smoothed, polished, and professional.  So if I want this blog to reflect my life, it needs to look like my life, right? A bit wild and always in the process of becoming something better. What a freeing concept!

*Deep Breath.*  *Very Deep Breath.*

So as soon as I can figure out how to set up my “about me” page and insert my logo that a graphic designer friend of mine is creating for me, I am going to launch. The blog will be simple, and it will be real. Perhaps the polish will come later.

For sure, it will be fun!


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  1. Beautiful! Congratulations for using your power to wrestle down the strength of fear.

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