What an Exhausting Afternoon Looks Like These Days

Well. We are working on a building project in John’s shop, and we reached a point where we needed more materials. So after spending the morning mowing, we decided to make a “quick trip” into town for supplies.
First of all, “quick trip into town” is an oxymoron of some sort. There is no such thing. We have talked with friends who also live outside of town, and they concur. It starts out like this:
“We need those lights at Costco and some building materials, so let’s make a quick trip into town. Just Costco and Home Depot.”

“It’s lunchtime. Can we stop first at DQ and eat lunch?”
“Oh, and I need to go by the bank, please. Just the drive through.”

See? Already I have sneaked in two more stops. Right there was the end of the quick trip. Seemingly no big deal because the bank is practically in the Costco parking lot. Which is basically across the street from the Home Depot. This is one of the things that I like about Kalispell. Back in the 90’s, when big box stores began moving to the area, someone had the foresight to designate a HUGE tract of land on the north end of town as a commercial district, and all of the “new shopping” is “practically right across the street/next door” to each other. At least we are not driving all over town. And DQ is on our way to said shopping district.

“Oh, and didn’t you need to pick up a couple of things at Walmart? We might as well run in there, too.” Here we go….

We first noticed the heat when we were in line at the drive through at DQ. We had forgotten how quickly things warm up when the summer sun begins glaring down. Also, we are 2000 feet higher than town, so it’s 5-10 degrees cooler at our house. I was mowing in a long sleeve shirt and pants in the morning, so we were not factoring heat into the trip.
We had a shady place to eat our lunch, so we were OK. Oh, and I forgot to tell you- because we were picking up some lumber, we were in the farm truck. Which has an eight foot bed, but no air conditioning.

Bank? Check. (Does that qualify as a pun?)

Costco. I should tell you here that Belle was with us, in all of her shaggy black fur glory. Literally, yesterday this was not a problem. She rode to church with us, and then waited again for us while we ate lunch at McKenzie River with our friends Eric and Sandy. We cracked the windows, and the interior of the Tahoe was not even warm.

But at Costco, the heat became a problem. One of us had to stay with Belle so we could keep the windows down. Since John knew which lights he wanted, he went in. He’d parked us so that the sun was not shining directly into the truck, but it still became really warm. We’d gotten Belle a cup of water at DQ, which I offered her a couple of times. Belle and I were fairly wilted by the time John returned.

Next was Walmart and my turn to go in. I promised to be quick, and I was, at least for Walmart, but when I got back to the truck, John said, “I’m done. It is so hot, we just can’t do the HD today. I will come back tomorrow morning.” But wouldn’t you know that Walmart was out of ONE ITEM we really needed, and that we could get it at The Dollar Tree, which is, as you guessed it, “practically next door.” John gamely waited while I went in. And of, course, as long as we were in town and at The Dollar Tree, I might as well get the other seven items on the list.

When I returned to the truck, that was THE END, and we drove home, windows down. And you know what is crazy? Because the humidity is only 22% today, neither of us broke a sweat.

We were so wiped out that when we walked through our front door and discovered that it was only 67 degrees inside, we all three laid down for a rest. So that Belle could lie with us, we stretched out on the area rug in the bedroom. And do you know what? Belle plopped down next to me, put her head on my shoulder, and the next thing I knew, she was snoring softly in my ear. Poor girl is still resting. I actually started typing this post while she and John snoozed. Eventually she changed positions and I moved to a comfortable chair.

Now John is up and we are preparing to go outside and enjoy the late afternoon air. But one of us has a tough job ahead of us: someone had to break the news to Belle that she can’t ride to town with us again until September. But maybe we won’t have to. Maybe she is dreaming of ways to politely refuse the offer of any more rides ’till early fall.

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  1. Gotta love Montana! Can’t imagine doing that in the Georgia heat and humidity!

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