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“Each piece of kind apparel has a great story behind it.  We design and make everything in our Missoula Montana studio and our fabrics are super special – all of our prints are designed by us and are made from recycled plastic bottles so they’re durable, sustainable, and a dream to wear.  Thanks for supporting our small business and investing in handmade and small batch goods. Now go live YOUR great story in your new gear!”

If this sounds like clothing you’d like to wear, then you need to meet Mallory Ottariano, Creator and owner of Kind Apparel, because that description is printed on a card that is included with each purchase.

Mallory and I first met in December of 2015 at a Christmas artisans show here in Kalispell.  I am sure she does not remember me, but I will never forget her because she had for sale a lime green and purple dress that had been upcyled from various clothing items, which was her jam at the time.  I did not buy the dress that day, and I mentally kick myself now every time I think about it!  I just hope that the woman who was smart enough to buy that work of art still owns and enjoys it!

Mallory and me when I visited her at the Bigfork Arts Festival on August 4th. Yes, I am wearing my new favorite tee again!

When I caught up with Mallory again a year or so later, her business had really taken off, and to keep up with demand, she had moved on tocreating garments using fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, hand drawing each fabric print that she uses.

She has created a very successful line of clothing that includes a wintertime fleecy hoodie dress (I own one in teal!), a  summertime halter dress with criss cross straps in the back, a “flex, float, fish” top, amazing skorts, a brand new line of tee shirts, and several accessories.

From the Kind Apparel site, this is “my dress.” I just hope I look as adventurous as this gal when I wear it!

When the new tees came out earlier this summer, I knew I had to have one.  Since I have seen Instagram posts on Mallory’s feed of gals field testing her clothing, I dm’ed her, asking her if she’d like to have any clothing field tested for river kayaking.  She replied, offering me a discount on any items I’d like to field test on the trip!  So yes, I received a discount, but opinions are entirely my own.

Decked out and ready for kayaking in my Kind Apparel.I ordered one of the new tees and the canyon headband.  I tried them on as soon as my package arrived, and instantly, I loved them both.  They are so comfortable and soft!! I had to force myself to take them off and pack them for the trip.

Finally, Saturday arrived, and we dressed for a day of river kayaking.  I put on my purple tee and wore the headband around my neck to protect the back of my neck from the sun. It was so silky and light that I forgot I was even wearing it!

Ready for the Clark Fork River in my new Kind Apparel tee and head/neck band!

Not long after we started the river ride, we hit some rapids which drenched us.  My kind apparel tee and headband both dried within a matter of minutes, so I was dry and experienced no chafing.

When we returned to camp, I changed skirts but not shirts and was able to hide my “hat hair” by actually wearing the headband as a headband.

Relaxing in camp after the river ride.

Honestly? They were so comfy that I slept in them Saturday night and wore them again Sunday.  Nothing else I had packed was going to be as soft and relaxing.

Now, you want some Kind Apparel of your own, right?

You can shop here:

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Here’s to memorable adventures in your Kind Apparel!

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  1. You look super happy and relaxed. Nice modeling too!

    1. Thanks! It was SUCH a fun weekend! The next time you visit we will take the kayaks out.

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