Hello! About Me

Hi! Thanks so much for visiting here at My Montana Life!

In December of 2012, my husband, John, and I breathed life into some of our wildest hopes and dreams. We chucked the city life of Atlanta, Georgia, and moved to the wilds of Northwest Montana. Specifically, into the woods of the mountains surrounding the Flathead Valley, home to Glacier National Park and some of the most beautiful outdoor ranges in the US, if not in the world. Truly “God’s Country!”

I had no idea. No idea what a truly radical change in lifestyle this would be.

No idea of what it is really like to live in a world where snow is measured in feet. Where I have more wild animals as neighbors than people. Where I keep a Glock 9mm pistol in my work apron, not to protect myself and our animals from  thugs, but from mountain lions and wolves. Where snow chains and roof rakes are necessary tools for survival. I can wield both on my own!

No idea that this move would derail my career, and that I would retire early and work three days a week locally in retail. No idea that doing so would create space to finally write and to start a blog.

No idea how much this lifestyle would alter my relationships.  No idea that this move would challenge and reshape our marriage, and not in an easy way. No idea of how difficult it would be to be separated by thousands of miles from family and deep friendships.  No idea that this move would strip me of everything I thought I knew about myself and challenge me to redefine who I am.

No idea how living in the woods outside a small town would would bring peace to my naturally anxious mind.  No idea how much more my heart beats like the silence of a snowy day than the pulse of a  city.

No idea that in the first lonely month of my new life here, that I would wake up in the middle of the night to the splendor that is a full moon splashing light onto the snow.  The woods light up in a magical way.  A friend calls it “seeing God.” And you know what? I think she is right.

No idea of the new friends I would make who are a blessing and encouragement to me, literally every day.

No idea how much joy chickens, goats, and a border collie named Belle would bring to my life. Their funny antics make me smile and laugh every day!

It’s just too much wonder and joy and learning to keep to myself. I am glad you are joining me for the adventure!